10 Ways to Show Customer Appreciation This Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day Isn’t Just for Lovers Anymore

Increasingly, businesses are using the opportunity to show their clients how much they appreciate them.  Clients and prospects may or may not get gifts around Christmas but setting yourself apart around holidays like Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving, Halloween and July 4th will separate you from the crowd.

And it makes sense, as the definition of Valentine’s Day expands to accommodate friends and co-workers, why not seize the occasion to provide a little extra customer service?

Try One of These Ten Suggestions for Spreading the Love to Your Customers This Valentine’s Day

Giving from Business to Business

The types of goodies you dole out will depend on your clients.

If you want to do something for another business, try some of these creative suggestions:

1. A bouquet of candy can be a treat for the entire office.

2. If you’re sticking with traditional flowers, choose a bouquet like daisies or daffodils – these are friendly options that liven up a desk, and lack the intimacy of roses.

3. Host a Valentine’s Day catered lunch for your VICs: Very Important Clients. This also gives them the opportunity to network.

4. If your client has a favorite charity, make a donation in their name. Generally, these charities will send the recipient a card explaining a gift was given in their name. This is a creative way to show your appreciation, and everyone benefits!

From Business to Customer:

valentines-day-with-hearts-on-grey-background_G1O0VjOO_LIf you have a large customer base, you’ll have to use some creativity to reach your adoring followers.

Consider these out-of-the-box ideas:

5. Take advantage of a free ecard service to send an email blast to your customer list. Some ecards will let you create your own special message.

6. Have an in-store raffle during the days leading up to Valentine’s Day. On the big day, select a handful of lucky recipients to win some of your exclusive products.

7. Create a video of your staff belting out a love song to your customers. Email it to your subscribers and post it on your social media outlets.

8. If you have a smaller customer base, send a small sample box (2-4 pieces) of chocolate.

9. Create a love infographic using a free tool like Piktochart, and post it on social media.

10. Share your followers’ Tweets, Facebook posts, or Instagram pics. It’s a small gesture that makes a big impact!

Get People Talking….About You!

Everyone who walks by will think their sweetheart sent them something special and will ask about it. They’ll end up talking about you, saying your company name over and over all day. You could also include a nice personal note.

Want to Surprise Your Existing Customers?

Who doesn’t like being surprised with a thoughtful gift?  Sometimes going the extra step or showing unexpected graditute is enough to tip the scales in your favor which is key in these competitive times.

Grab the Attention of a Desirable Prospect

Cut through the noise and the emails and the marketing messages with a genuine personal gesture your hard to reach prospect will notice.

Valentine’s Day Is The Perfect Time Make an Impression

So what are you waiting for?  What will you do to show your appreciation this Valentine’s Day?

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