Alternatives to Gift Giving Around the Holidays: New Trends for Businesses

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Holiday Gift Giving: Alternatives for Businesses

As the holiday season approaches, many businesses are deciding whether to send client or customer appreciation gifts this season. While the fundamental reason most businesses send gifts is to show that they are thankful for their clients or employees, it is important to consider company regulations and appropriateness, in addition to trying to find the best way to show you care.

Company Policy

Some companies do not allow their employees to receive gifts, so it is important to contact the human resources department before sending anything to a client. Some gifts may not be appropriate to send all clients or employees, as well; wine and spirits may feel festive to you, but to someone else, this may not be appreciated. You also don’t want to be the fifth company to send the same thing everyone else has sent, so thinking outside the box is key. Before sending out gifts this year, consider the following unique ways to show client and employee appreciation:

  • Host an event instead of sending gifts. Consider hosting a holiday event to show your appreciation. This will make your clients or employees feel like you really care, and it gives you an opportunity to spend time with clients and build relationships for the future.

  • Donate to charity on a client’s behalf. If a company policy prevents you from sending a gift, consider donating to a charity that aligns with your company’s principles, and make the donation in your client’s name.

  • Pay attention to details. Be sure your holiday gift truly conveys your company’s goals and values. Use this as an opportunity to remind your clients about why they work with you.

  • Personalize your gifts. Your clients will receive dozens of gifts this season, so find a way to set your company’s apart from the rest. The Thank Tank can add a personalized touch to any client or customer appreciation gift a company chooses.


corporate gift new jersey

Before sending your client or customer appreciation gifts this season, think carefully about the message you want to convey and how best to communicate that message. Alternatives to gift giving may make the most sense for your company, or perhaps you just need to make sure you choose the right gift; either way, The Thank Tank is here to ensure your client or customer appreciation gifts are memorable.

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