Building Customer Loyalty With Memberships

membership-experienceAll businesses, no matter the industry or size, benefit from having a loyal customer base. Not only does this build a relationship with existing customers; it draws new customers. Your consumers want to feel special. One of the best ways to instill customer loyalty is through memberships. The membership experience is a tried and true customer service strategy that works because it fosters a bond between your brand and your patrons. It makes them feel like their business matters, and they feel rewarded for staying loyal to your brand. Lastly, it builds a brand consumers want to explore and take part in.

Membership Benefits

A membership doesn’t have to be exclusive to make customers feel appreciated. Some of the best marketing campaigns feature easy to join memberships big on rewards. Brands that offer coupons or small gifts in conjunction with an entertaining brand voice see significant return on their efforts. Take the brand Birchbox, for example.



Birchbox sends a box packed full of trial-sized beauty or grooming products to members once a month. It costs only $10 a month, and customers get to try many varied products. If a customer decides that he or she loves a certain product, a quick online visit to the Birchbox is all it takes to order the full-sized version. The company couples its “try before you buy” membership with a colorful and fun brand voice. The website is sleek, easy to use, and informative. The blog offers product tutorials, “hack” articles, and trend reports. Customers learn about the Birchbox products (and how to use them) by exploring the website.


The Long-Term Relationship

membership-experience2Here are some marketing techniques for growing and maintaining customer loyalty through membership:

  • Make it easy to sign up, and make customers feel appreciated for doing so.

  • Capitalize on the fact that consumers are already shopping for these types of products, and deliver them in a fun and engaging way.

  • Make your brand voice evident throughout all content, and ensure the customer experience is high quality and individualized. Even consider the boxes your goods arrive in.

  • Make members feel special from the very first e-mail.

The goal with any business is to convert and retain customers, and the membership experience is one of the most effective ways to do that. Customers can feel like they belong to a club no matter what industry your brand is. By rewarding them with coupons, products, and interesting content, you’re thanking them for their business and encouraging loyalty.

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