Car Dealership Gifts – So Much More Than Just a “Thank You”

custom gift program for car dealersCar dealers compete for attention in a saturated marketplace and spend a lot of money to attract and retain customers. Because of this, dealerships invest lots of money every year on marketing, advertising, and coming up with new ways to gain customer loyalty. Why not try a new strategy and invest in customer gifting? Gifts are a great way to leave a lasting impression on your customers by letting them know you care.

Rewarding Car Customer Loyalty

Gift baskets are often used to thank new customers who buy a car as a way to “welcome them to the family.” However, gifts can be given in a variety of other situations to improve customer experience as well. Rewarding long-term customers who have been loyal to the dealership for a number of years is a more effective means of showing gratitude than offering discounts they may not need. Offering a little something will keep you in a customer’s thoughts for his or her next purchase. On the other hand, if one of your customers has had a bad experience, giving a gift after the problem has been solved shows that you genuinely care about his or her feelings.

Remember, a gift basket doesn’t have to be expensive and extravagant to get the point across. A simple congratulatory basket containing a bottle of champagne, a few glasses, and a future service gift certificate is perfect for new buyers. Customized chocolates, cookies, and other sweets can be given on other occasions. Top it off with a hand-tied, personalized bow and beautiful wrapping paper, and you can be sure your customer will appreciate your gesture and keep you in their thoughts.

car dealership gift program

Why Chose Local?

Using a smaller, local gift company will get you more customization and better pricing options on gift baskets. Smaller gift companies take the time to listen to your business’s needs in order to come up with a hand-chosen basket for every situation. Their specialists are creative individuals who take the time to generate new and interesting ideas for gift giving. They consistently provide better service and delivery costs than larger companies, who often send out premade baskets full of unnecessary knick knacks that may not resonate with your customer.

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