GE: A Case Study in Gratitude

Gratitude at GE: Building Relationships through Health When you think about health, which companies come to mind? Is one of them a company that makes dishwashers, dryers, and refrigerators? Probably not. But, GE is changing the game and has become … Continued

Working with Your Customers, Not for Them

Authentic Appreciation Keeps Customers Brand loyalty is a term bounced around in a lot of marketing rooms these days. Some companies provide services focused entirely on building the brand and brand loyalty of other businesses. With a multitude of options … Continued

What Kids Can Teach Us About Gratitude

Learn to Show Gratitude from Your Kids Most of us are taught to say “thank you” and express gratitude from an early age. Yet, these early lessons often don’t translate well when it comes to showing employees and other adults … Continued

4 Ways to Ensure Positive Attitudes in the Workplace

Focus on the Positive Staying positive is sometimes more difficult than it sounds, especially in the business world. Business experts agree that we see what we look for. If we look for negative outcomes or issues, we will find them. … Continued