Choosing Who to Gift: What Businesses Need to Know Around the Holidays

Deciding which clients, customers, employees, and businesses your company needs to thank during the holiday season can unfortunately cause more headaches and stress than joy. Businesses have to consider how to gift employees to thank them for their work, as well as how to gift clients for their continued support. Depending on the industry, gifting can take many forms, from cash to merchandise to paid days off.

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Create a Tiered System

One new way some businesses are looking at gift giving internally is to create a tiered system. This ensures no one in the company is left out, and employees who hold more responsibility at the company are adequately acknowledged. The average corporate gift costs around $42. Instead of creating a different category for every pay grade or title difference, choosing two or three tiers that incorporate a large number of employees ensures there will not be complaints about gift discrimination. The first tier might include part-time employees and retired folks. The second tier might include full-time employees who are not a part of management. A third tier could include management and administrative staff for managers.


Which Clients Should Receive Thanks

Another consideration companies must make is which clients should receive thanks. Some businesses gift any client they’ve had within the last year. Others choose to only gift clients who have had an ongoing relationship with the company for more than a year, or those who spend more than a certain dollar amount. These are all valid ways to choose who to gift, as long as the method is consistent. Some ways of choosing who to gift might become a sensitive internal issue, depending on how it is handled. Thanking one and not another should not lead to the loss of those you didn’t thank.

It is important to recognize vendors and insourcing companies a business relies heavily on. Remember, these people are an important part of your company and play a role in its success. Some may even work on the premises, though they are technically part of another company. In most cases, these individuals will appreciate being thought of as part of the company.

For any questions you may have about how to separate out who in your organization you should thank, talk to the gifting professionals at The Thank Tank. They know the industry inside and out and can provide some great tips on determining the logistics of your holiday corporate gift giving.

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