Corporate Gifting for Valentine’s Day

Why You Should Gift Around Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day isn’t just for those who are romantically involved. As a holiday that is typically reserved for certain stereotypes, it is also the perfect time to break the mold with some quality corporate gift giving. Whether you choose to stick with candy or you want to make your gift more personalized, The Thank Tank has some great corporate gift ideas perfect for Valentine’s Day in a corporate setting. Here’s why you should consider giving on or around Valentine’s Day.

valentines Day cookies

It’s unexpected

While the purpose of a gift is to be unexpected, it’s common to expect gifts from certain corporate relationships around the holidays. Valentine’s Day isn’t commonly known for corporate gift giving. That means it’s the perfect time to stand out in your clients’ and employees’ minds. Send out a note of gratitude with some gratitude branded stones as a simple way to let people know you’re thinking of them.

It’s totally customizable

Whereas other holidays might call to mind a specific kind of gift giving, Valentine’s Day is an opportunity to explore a fun gift that is memorable. Consider a Thank Tank thank you gift that keeps on giving: Fair Trade gifts and packaging or customized candle sets. A silver bubble wand and bubbles could also be a fun way to say hi during this holiday.

You can select a certain group of people to highlight

Since there are no expectations for you to send out thanks during this holiday, you can use the time to thank especially important people to you individually and professionally. The holiday is the perfect time to make an impression. A branded tote and hat or wine stopper could be a great gift choice with unique and personalized packaging that makes a statement.


Thank your employees

With small, sweet favors and let them leave a little early on Valentine’s Day if your calendar has some extra time worked into it. They’ll appreciate the unexpected token of appreciation, especially on a day that has people dashing around to get ready for the evening with loved ones.

Let your imagination lead you to the perfect Valentine’s Day gift or call up the expert gift choosing team at The Thank Tank for more ideas about how to make the perfect impression with your clients or employees around this unique and special time of year. It’s sure to be an unexpected treat that they won’t soon forget.

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