Corporate Gifts That Double as Promotional Items

Giving Gifts That Speak to Your Brand

Everyone likes to give and receive gifts, but navigating the waters of etiquette and appropriateness can be difficult in the workplace. Many employers also feel giving gifts is a waste of time and money better spent on promoting the company as the economy continues recovering. However, most employers don’t know there is a way to give gifts while keeping your brand in recipients’ thoughts. Several promotional gift options exist, and today we’ll highlight some of the most popular on the market.


Sweet Products

Coffee and treats are great enticements. Studies show these foods and drinks produce endorphins, which may increase productivity and work quality. Many companies offer large lollipops imprinted with their logos, similarly printed candy boxes or baskets, and various coffee products such as branded Keurig pods or drink carriers. Some employers like to give logo-printed samplers of foods like nuts, cheeses, or popcorn, especially around the holidays.

Technological Products

These days it seems everyone has a cell phone, tablet, or other current technological gadget. To keep gadgets safe and employers up to date on the latest developments, several companies give phone cases as gifts. Again, these are generally printed with a company’s logo, mascot, or abbreviated mission statement. These gifts may also include laptop or tablet cases. Employers can partner with case companies to make personalized gifts for particular employees, as well.

Care Packages

Employees travel much more now than they did 20, 10, or as recently as five years ago. Travel is exciting but comes with pitfalls, like lost luggage and material, headaches and stomach problems, and general exhaustion. To offset this and keep their companies memorable, business owners often give conference attendees care packages. These may include aspirin, extra USB ports, small soaps, pens and notepads, and snacks. Some businesses include thumb drives loaded with company information or presentation notes. These help keep the attendees apprised of conference schedules. The thumb drives also make it easy for attendees to focus on listening and asking questions at presentations rather than taking notes.

Tie-In Gifts

Businesspeople often find the best gifts are the ones most useful to their employees or conference attendees. Attendees are likely to appreciate a pen, notepad, and package of cookies. Unfortunately, they’re also likely to leave these in hotel rooms because they don’t see a direct connection to the conference. Tie your gifts into your message. If you’re hosting a journalism or fiction conference, consider giving everyone a journal or a free e-book containing advice for writers. If you’ll be hosting a medical conference, try giving away small medical supplies – gauze, tongue depressors, Q-tips, and so on.

Intangible Gifts

Many conference attendees would rather access information once they get home than take tangible items with them. In that case, serve their needs. After the conference or other meeting, email links to each lecture or presentation with pertinent notes or video. Offer free white papers, e-books, or digital downloads that tell more about your company and why your audience should remember and invest in it.

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