Creating Meaning through Gifts: What Should Your Business Give?

Corporate Gift Giving: A Guide for What Clients and Employees Want

There are many considerations when choosing what your business should give to clients and employees around the holidays. For example, should your gift be personalized? Should it be customized with your corporate logo? Determining the target audience for your gifts will answer many questions surrounding what to give.

two dozen peacock feather box


You can’t go wrong with food – except for those with serious allergies, of course. Most of the time, however, the gift of food is greatly appreciated. Corporate food gifts can make you stand out in a client’s mind. They will remember you as the person who sent that awesome chocolate collection or that delicious candied fruit. If you are concerned about food allergies or sending food in general, there are some other great ideas out there to consider.


Every employee wants a bonus. That is always the best gift. Unfortunately, that is not always possible. Another great idea is a gift card. Instead of sending something generic that will sit on a desk year round collecting dust, a gift card is a way to show your employees you care about them and their well-being.

There is some debate about whether sending a gift with a corporate logo is a good idea when thanking someone. On one hand, you’re finding a way to brand, which is good for business; you want your clients to remember you. On the other hand, how many customized koozies can a professional receive in a year? The answer is a lot. Such a gift can come across more as a way to make the holiday season about you instead of the real aim, which is thanking the client.

A cornucopia of Italian specialties customized to your budget and taste.

Brainstorming things you might like to receive yourself is a great way to start. Then, call the professionals at The Thank Tank. Finding the right meaningful custom gift that will grow your relationship with your customer is truly our specialty. We can make gift giving easy.

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