Nothing helps grow your business like a customized, turn-key, on-going gratitude program aimed at turning prospects into clients and customers and building loyalty with your existing customers and clients.

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This small expression of appreciation keeps a luxury car dealer’s customers returning for service and new purchases.

So delicious, where will you hide yours?

robins cookies first started when I realized how many people had fallen in love with my famous homemade cookies. Praise was just the beginning. People actually stashed my cookies in hiding spots, in hopes of never having to share them with anyone else. (This plan would sometimes backfire when they forgot where their secret hiding spot actually was!) I then knew that it was up to me to share robins cookies with everyone!

Click here to tell us about your favorite hiding place and receive a half dozen of robins cookies as a thank you from us!

We get emails all the time from clients telling us how much they hate sharing their robins cookies. These otherwise generous and lovely people turn into cookie monsters, or, more aptly, cookie hiders.

>>For example, one human resources director tells us that whenever executives place their robins cookies orders to give as client gifts she makes sure her name is on the order knowing that we send a batch of cookies to our own clients as our way of showing our gratitude. Her secret is safe with us.

>>One client tells us she hides them in a wooden box filled with seas shells on her desk.

>>And this is the best ” . . . I hid my robins cookies in my family’s antique grandfather’s clock. One day when I opened the clock door to reward myself with a hidden cookie I dislodged the pendulum causing it to break. When my husband asked how such a thing could happen I had to confess. You can imagine his surprise!”

cookies_box martini-glass
Gift box
1 dozen cookies $24.50
2 dozen cookies $39.50
3 dozen cookies $55.50
Giant Martini Glass
1 dozen cookies $52.00
2 dozen cookies $64.00
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Custom Wooden Gift Box
2 dozen cookies $57.50
3 dozen cookies $72.00

24 dozen minimum order

Choose from five tantalizing varieties

The Original robins cookie (for nut lovers):

Real semi-sweet chocolate chips sit amidst just the right mix of toasty walnuts and whole oats. So rich and crunchy, you can almost hear how good they taste.

The Classic robins cookie (for purists):

The simplicity of oats and chunks of semi-sweet chocolate satisfy everyone’s cookie craving. Your family’s ultimate comforate food…ever familiar, never ordinary.

The Cranberry Cinnamon Oatmeal Divine:

The oatmeal cookie grows up: plump cranberries and whole oats with just the right twist of cinnamen goes well with milk or champagne.

The Chocolate Peanut Butter Madness:

The cocoa makes the difference in this sublte blend of chocolate chips, rich cocoa powder and a hint of peanut butter (because everything’s better with peanut butter – even if you’re a sophisticated adult cookie lover!)

The Camper Cookie:

A hefty helping of yummy M&Ms in crisp oatmeal dough. It’s a colorful cookie that says, “Let’s party!”


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