Fun in the Sun: Perfect Corporate Gifts for Summertime

The 6 Best Corporate Gifts for Summer

Customized bottle openerSpring and summer are great times to give corporate gifts. The winter holiday season usually brings gifts of food and drink, but the warm months let you give your employees and clients gifts that are useful all season. This summer, give your employees or clients a useful gift that keeps on giving. That is the key to effective corporate gifting: you want to give things people will use and carry with them, instead of discard.

If you work in marketing, you probably know that gifts are a great, unconventional way to extend your company’s brand. All the while, you give away an item employees will actually use. Many summertime gifts, like coolers, beach totes, and outdoor activity accessories, can also be branded with your company logo. Your employees will remember the logo, as will everyone who later bears witness.

Party in style with this branded party cooler.1. Coolers. Like mugs, coolers are one of those items people seem to have lying around the house but cannot remember buying. 12-pack coolers are inexpensive and will get great use by people attending family barbecues, going fishing, or just relaxing in the backyard with a good book.

2. Bottle openers. With hundreds of neat designs, bottle openers are an easy gift to customize with your company colors and logos. Many people put them directly onto their keychain, which means your company sticks in their mind every time they leave the house.

3. Cell phone holders and cases. Everybody has a mobile phone. Because they are ubiquitous, giving mobile cases en masse is a sure win. Your employees will use them, carry them everywhere, and be thankful for the extra protection.

4. Thermoses. Water bottles and thermoses are incredibly handy, though it is safe to say, more people will use a thermos. They excel in both hot and cold weather, and your employees are less likely to have multiple thermoses stocked in their cupboards.

5. Engraved desk items. Never discount the importance of purchasing customized bookends, desk clocks, and paperweights. They speak class to the gift recipient, and even a small, personalized message goes a long way. Many gifts are taken home and eventually lost, but desk items are frequently used at work for the duration of the employee’s time at the company. Another idea is to grant engraved gifts at annual milestones. This way the gift is special and employees have something to show for their time put into the company.

6. Umbrellas. If you gift umbrellas, make sure you get a quality product that does not easily upend in the wind. A good umbrella becomes a beloved gift, lasts for years, and is another product seen by everyone.

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