How to Give the Perfect Business Gift

How to Make It Special

gifts-boxesAs the holidays approach, most everyone has high expectations for one thing, and it’s not the fruitcake. Gifts are an exciting part of the holiday season. Not only do we enjoy receiving them, but we love the lasting satisfaction of giving someone the perfect gift.

This time of year also prompts business owners and employees to think about gifts for their coworkers or clients. But, what if gift giving became a workplace trend that extended beyond the holiday season?

Gifts in the workplace can be tricky. If you’ve been vying for a specific job or you’ve been working to close a sale, the right gift may be just what’s needed to give you an edge. But, the wrong gift could give the wrong impression and lead to disastrous results for your career.

Here are several ideas to keep in mind when searching for the perfect gift.

Don’t Expect Anything

The definition of a gift is “something given voluntarily without payment in return”. That being said, gift-giving is not the time to market your company or products. Coupled with a pitch or ulterior motive, the right gift turns sour and appears disingenuous.

There should be no expectation of compensation in return for your gift. You want your client or coworker to know you appreciate and value the relationship as more than just business. The old adage, “It’s just business, not personal” no longer satisfies in today’s market because business is personal.

Build the Relationship

When you send a gift to a client or coworker, make sure they know you actually put some thought into it. Sending a generic gift rather conspicuously communicates that your client is just a number on a list. Gifts are memorable when they provide value to the person receiving them. Keep in mind that value can be anything the receiver believes is beneficial to their life.

Remember: what you may think is a good gift may not match your client’s expectations. Take the time to get to know them before gifting. Investigate their lifestyle and what they are interested in, and tailor a gift to their needs. If they are married or dating someone, try to find gifts they can enjoy with significant others or spouses. These extra measures go a long way in sustaining the relationship.

Make It Special

Giving in non-traditional gifting seasons can make a person feel valued. Gifts are the norm during the holiday season, but they become unexpected surprises when given at other times during the year. If you have a client that loves to garden, send him flower bulbs and heirloom seeds in the spring. If one of your coworkers enjoys summer activities, get him tickets to the local waterpark in the summer.

Personalizing gifts can also be a unique way to make them special. Instead of figuring out what your clients like and tailoring gifts to their needs, custom engraving of names, signatures or symbols can make anyone feel special.


The right gift complements any relationship, and it develops meaningful bonds. By taking time to provide individually tailored gifts at unexpected times, you build trust, appreciation, and mutual respect in your business and personal relationships.

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