Meet Robin

Gratitude has always been an important part of The Thank Tank’s CEO Robin Wittich’s life. While growing up, Robin witnessed her mother giving friends, family and colleagues small gifts to honor important occasions in their lives. The gifts weren’t elaborate or expensive, they were about the thought. This gesture had a huge impact on Robin, and she learned just how important showing your appreciation could be in one’s everyday life.

Fast forward one accounting degree, a successful real estate career and a thriving family later, Robin was at a crossroads. It was time for her to return to work but not wanting to work for some one else, she thought of the idea of combining her love for gift giving with the corporate world, and The Thank Tank and robins cookies was born.

The Thank Tank makes ongoing corporate gift giving easy. Unlike many other corporate gift giving companies, Robin puts emphasis on making the gift giving personalized to the client. She makes sure she talks to each of her clients to find out their customers’ needs. She then coordinates everything about the gift giving process — from choosing the perfect gift, wrapping it, writing personalized thank you notes, ensuring a timely delivery and following up — making continued gratitude easy.

One of those gift options are her delicious robins cookies. Perfect to send to offices, friends and family, they are Robin’s secret family recipe that she has been making for years. The affordable cookies packages are so popular that people have been known to hide them for themselves, inspiring the tag line, “where do you hide yours?”

But Robin understands that gift giving isn’t something just reserved for the holidays or a birthday, but its a savvy business strategy that should be incorporated into a successful marketing plan in order to help foster and maintain good relationships. With that in mind, she helps her clients set up 3-,6-, 9, or 12-month programs so her clients can always have a custom, heartfelt gift ready to go with just a quick phone call. Just tell The Thank Tank who you need to thank and they’ll handle the rest.