Some Holiday Gift Ideas to Brighten Up the Workplace

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Make Your Workplace Festive with Holiday Gifts and Decorations

The holidays are a busy time for many businesses, and it’s easy for workers to become stressed and frustrated. To stave off negative feelings and inject some holiday cheer into your workplace, invest in gifts and decorations for the whole office. A few strings of lights, some decorated office doors, and surprise gift baskets in everyone’s office or cubicle can infuse a new spirit of joy into the office. It can also help your employees give you their very best before their day or week off. Here are a few ideas for livening up the workplace:


Make the end of the year party fun. Far too many year-end work parties are slightly awkward, formal gatherings where people try unsuccessfully to mix their professional and personal lives. This Christmas, host the party at a fancy restaurant, on a boat, or even at your own home if you have the space. You want to make your employees feel appreciated, and you want the night to be about them. Do something exciting and different to give your guests something to talk about and enjoy.

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Make each day fun. Don’t just plan the office Christmas party and leave it at that; give your employees something to look forward to every day. Some ideas include door prizes, an extra-long lunch break, a surprise drawing for an expensive holiday gift, and more. You might even encourage employees to dress up in their wildest Christmas sweaters one day, livening up the days of your customers, as well.


Offer free food. A bucket of candy by the door when employees and customers first walk in, donuts for breakfast in the break room, and free Christmas-themed coffee are all perks in an employee’s day. Even if your food isn’t holiday themed, it will still serve to make your employees happy that they came to work, and it will show your appreciation for their labor.

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Decorate. Hang lights and ornaments, put wreaths on the doors, and consider getting a company Christmas tree if you have the space. Transform your workplace into a winter wonderland, and try to do it without interfering with your employees’ ability to perform their work.


Give gifts. Everyone loves receiving presents over the holidays, and if you give each customer something special to show them that you care, they will appreciate the effort. Some chocolates, silly toys or games, or even holiday scarves are all appropriate gift ideas your employees will enjoy.

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