Start a New Business Campaign with New Year Promotional Gifts

Use Promotional New Year Gifts to Kick Off a New Campaign

The New Year is a time for new beginnings and new ideas. Get your customers excited about your new business campaign with New Year themed promotional gifts! This lets you get the word out to your clients that something new is coming, and it publicizes your new product or campaign before it’s released. The following are a few gifts to promote your business in 2015:



Most people love candy and cookies, and by sending sweets in customized wrappers or packaging, you are creating positive associations with you company in your customers’ minds. Include release dates for new products or start dates for your new campaign on the packaging to clue clients in to big events happening at your company.

A Flash Drive

Flash drives are among the most useful promotional gifts a company can give to its clients, as virtually everyone needs a flash drive at some point or another. If you include information about your new campaign on the flash drive, your clients will have direct access to that information in a readable form. While it may not include all of the information, a flash drive will at least let them know that your new campaign is beginning soon. Make sure the flash drive has your brand name on the outside, in addition to the corporate logo and contact information in a file saved on the drive.

Graphic calendars

At the risk of seeming cliché, develop a nice graphic calendar for your clients that both advertises your company and gives clients something useful for their everyday life. Make sure the photos you choose for the calendar and fun, inspirational, beautiful, or funny, and make the calendar practical and easy to use. A large desk calendar may look like a great gift, but not many people have desks large enough to hold it, so it won’t be used. If you include inspirational or funny quotes throughout the calendar, it may improve your standing in your customers’ eyes.


A slinky, a kazoo, or a Rubik’s cube are all fun gift ideas to give your clients a distraction from the stresses of their everyday lives. Put your brand name on these fun items so that when you customer’s pick them up and absentmindedly play with them, they will think of your company.

Get your company name out there with branded swag.


If your new campaign involves new products, consider sending some out as free promotional gifts. This will give your customers an idea of what’s coming, and it will get them and their friends excited about the new products you’ll be offering.

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