The 11 Craziest Gifts Ever Given

Weird Corporate Gifts That Were Actually Given to People

Giving gifts to your coworkers and clients is a great way to create a good relationship and a positive, lasting impression. However, sometimes people go overboard and are a bit too memorable. While most of us are not out of our minds, we get the benefit of hearing from others who clearly are*. Here are some of the weirdest gifts granted in the workplace, to clients, and more. Keep in mind; some of these have been given on more than one occasion.

(*Pro tip: Do not try this yourself. It may be unsafe for your career.)

nicholas-cage1. Nicolas Cage pillow covers. The internet has long been stuffing Nic Cage into gifs, memes, and more. Now, he has smuggled his way onto pillows. Several are still available on Amazon.

2. Press-on sticker nails. Sheila Rodriguez was at a holiday party when she drew the short straw on the anonymous gift pile. She reported the pile was filled with gift cards, new movie releases, and holiday office décor. Instead, she drew sticker nails and a bar of soap.

3. Dissection kit. A man named Welmoed Sisson recounts his most memorable Christmas gift: a dissection kit that was covered in happy birthday wrapping paper. The kit came with a note that said “Don’t use this on the birthday baby [Jesus].”

4. PolaRoll. This is a toilet paper holder crafted to resemble an old Polaroid camera. Not only does this make changing the toilet paper a chore, but a camera in the bathroom? No thanks.

5. Pizza sleeping bag. This massive, felt sleeping bag has brown crust and pink blankets for the sauce. The most staggering part of this gift, which has been bequeathed multiple times, is its cost: $200 plus shipping!

6. Non-alcoholic wine bottles. Most people are excited for wine, but very few people are pleased with grape juice in a fancy container.

7. Flask. On the other side of the fence, passive-aggressive coworkers gifting flasks to those with known drinking problems have started many office disputes. Depending on where you work, this might get you fired; but, no matter what, it still makes you a jerk.

8. The company catalogue. Less-enterprising coworkers sometimes gift office supplies. At least those are easily replaced and usable at home. Not so much with the company catalogue, which you would never want to bring home anyway.

9. A fire extinguisher. Erring on the side of practicality, Aaron Smith gave his coworker a fire extinguisher.

10. A Ziploc bag filled with coffee grounds. At least it had enough to make a full pot.

11. A Komodo dragon. George H.W. Bush received a dragon from the Indonesian government. As of 1990, it was the largest dragon in the western hemisphere and lived the remainder of his days at the Cincinnati Zoo. We may think it is weird, but Komodo dragons are regarded very highly in Indonesia, and it was gifted as a huge honor.


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