Tips for Giving Thoughtful Holiday Gifts to Your Clients

While the holiday season isn’t the only time of year to give client appreciation and customer appreciation gifts, it presents the perfect opportunity to do so. With all the good cheer being spread around, it’s a great time to show your clients you value them.

But deciding what to give can be challenging. Whether you prefer to give the same gift to everyone or to give individually chosen items, you want to be sure each person receives the message that you appreciate their business. Consider the following tips to help you do just that.

 Custom holiday wooden boxes decorated with fresh greens filled with freshly-baked robins cookies.

Give Generous Group Gifts

If you have several contacts at one office, sending a gift everyone can share, such as baked goods, is a great idea. Just be sure there is plenty to go around. You certainly don’t want to be the cause of colleagues fighting over cookies!

Personalize When Possible

You most likely won’t be able to send personalized client appreciation and customer appreciation gifts to everyone. But for those clients you have a strong relationship with and know very well, giving a gift pertaining to their personal interests will make them feel special. And you and your company will stand out (in a good way)!

Consider the Presentation

No matter what the gift is, don’t forget about how it’s presented. The packaging should be thought of as part of the present. Chefs at high-end restaurants take their time to plate food before it’s served so their customers experience the extra attention and care that went into the preparation of the meal. Similarly, a nicely packaged gift will show your attention to detail and thoughtfulness. And you can’t go wrong with the added personal touch of including a handwritten note.

Market Subtly

It’s acceptable to give client appreciation and customer appreciation gifts that promote your business, as long as it’s done subtly and tastefully. If you choose to have your company logo on the gift, it should be understated enough so the gift doesn’t look like an advertisement!

You may even want to consider customizing the packaging with your brand image, rather than the item itself. Ribbons or boxes with your company logo or name printed on them are some classy options.

Keep the Purpose of Giving in Mind

Above all, remember the main reason for sending client appreciation and customer appreciation gifts is to show gratitude for those who help your business. When choosing a gift with this purpose in mind, you’ll be showing your appreciation in a sincere way. And when your clients truly feel valued, they’ll be happy to continue doing business with you.

Sending thoughtfully selected and packaged gifts around the holidays is a great way to promote and maintain good client relations, as well as strengthen business opportunities going into the new year. And that should put everyone in a festive mood!

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