Top 5 Gift Ideas for National Boss’s Day

National Boss's Day - October 16th

Did You Know? October 16th is National Boss’s Day

What better opportunity to get on your employer’s good side than National Boss’s Day? While your Boss may be the ones pushing hard for you to meet stingy deadlines, and may be the one asking you to stay late to finish up on a project when you had plans to go out after work, you boss is also the central cog that makes your office run, keeping work flowing, and maybe most importantly… the boss keeps signing your paycheck! You don’t have to go overboard with a gift for National Boss’s Day, but what better way to get on your Boss’s good side than to show up to work with a tasteful gift to show your boss you appreciate his or her hard work?

How National Boss’s Day Began

We have Patricia Bays Haroski, a secretary from State Farm Insurance, to thank for first coming up with the idea for National Boss’s Day in 1958 when she registered this day of Employer Appreciation with the National Chamber of Commerce. She may have had it a little easier than some employees as she was working for her father at the time and October 16th also happens to be his birthday, so she chose this day as the special day in the workplace where employees could show appreciation to their bosses for everything they do. National Boss’s Day is not only a good day to give your Boss a thank you gift, but it is a great opportunity for offices to come together and work on relationships between the higher-ups and the people they manage or employ.

What Are Some Good Gifts to Give Your Boss?

While National Boss’s Day is a great opportunity to schmooze with the boss and get on his or her good side, you probably don’t want to go overboard with what you decide to give as a gift. So, what are some good ideas for gifts to give your boss on National Boss’s Day? Here’s a list of gifts that are both appropriate and affordable that you can give yourself, or get your office to chip in on and give as a team to your boss to show your appreciation:

  1. Portable USB ChargerĀ – Who doesn’t love hi-tech gadgets these days? Everyone has a smart phone, tablet, iPod, or digital camera and everyone’s gadgets always run out of juice halfway through the workday. Why not give your boss a portable usb charger to help tame all the wires on his or her desk and give their gadgets the boost they need to make it through the day? They come in really handy on business trips and affordable models can be had for around $50.
  2. Oversized Coffee Mug – Whether your boss is a coffee drinker, tea drinker or perhaps enjoys a nice mug of hot chocolate, a nice sturdy oversized mug is always a safe choice for an office gift giving occasion. If you work for a small business, getting your boss an oversized coffee mug with the company logo or tagline on it would likely go over well.
  3. Gourmet Snacks – This can be something you make yourself or something you buy…something like a box of your boss’s favorite cookies, brownies or sweet treats, or if your boss prefers healthier snacks a gift basket put together with high-end healthy snacks picked up from your local health food store. Either way, when your boss reaches for a snack in the middle of crunch time, they’ll remember who gave it to them!
  4. Have the Whole Office Chip in for a Nice Lunch – This idea is a way for the whole office to come together show the boss how much everyone appreciates his or her hard work. Have everyone chip in to pay the bill and treat your boss out to lunch on National Boss’s Day to their favorite place to eat. Not only will everyone will get some time out of the office, but what better opportunity to bond than over a nice meal together?
  5. Membership – Depending on the size of your office, getting everyone to chip in and pay for a membership to something your boss loves to do in their free time is another great idea for a gift for National Boss’s Day. Think things like memberships to Netflix or Hulu, a year of Amazon Prime, or maybe a membership to a gym, a membership to a museum, or maybe one of the many gift-of-the-month memberships that exist. The great thing about giving a membership as a gift is it will put you on your boss’s good side once a month for the whole year!

Looking for a Way to Show Your Appreciation to Your Boss or Employer? CLICK HERE for Some Great Ideas!

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