Why Traditional Thank You Notes Are Still Relevant

Saying Thank You with a Handwritten Note Is Not Obsolete

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If you’ve ever received a handwritten thank you note and/or a small token of appreciation that is entirely unexpected, then you know how much of a difference it can make. Just knowing that someone took the time to do something more than shoot off a thank you email is such a thoughtful sentiment.

Thank you notes are the best way to stand out in the minds of others. Thank you notes are more about developing a habit of gratitude than a burdensome or antiquated etiquette practice, and the best time to develop this habit is as a child. Robin Wittich, CEO at The Thank Tank, says, “There has been so much talk lately of kids not writing thank you notes, that I agree this is kind of a lost art that’s still important.”

Gratitude Ideas

To help young people (and ourselves!) remember to send thank yous as an important gesture of gratitude, there are a couple of ideas to keep in mind. It doesn’t have to be a note. If someone did something truly outstanding for you that was above and beyond expectation, it is altogether appropriate to send a small gift or maybe take someone out to lunch. The gift should be whatever feels right and authentic.

Remembering to write thank you notes can be difficult in light of the many other distractions that we face. Letting children pick out their own thank you note stationery and splurging on a nice set of stationery is a great way to encourage note writing and sending. There is something special about the heavy feel and unique designs of thank you notes that represent us as individuals while serving a higher purpose in our lives. Keep stamps on hand, too, so that a written card does not end up sitting on the kitchen table for months.

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Good Gratitude Habits

Finally, it’s important to start early with young children. A habit of gratitude that is developed early on will serve a child well later in life. From applying to schools to applying for their first jobs, being able to effectively and authentically send thanks can help you stand out in the minds of employers and others. If they have trouble coming up with what to write, help them by providing examples to follow. Later on, they will be able to customize their letters for a more personal touch.

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